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A Guide to Studying at a UK University

To help you get started and make the most of what the United Kingdom has to offer, we’ve compiled this simple guide that offers the answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions.

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International Student Preparation Checklist

This student preparation checklist is designed to make your arrival at Newcastle University as smooth as possible and answers many frequently asked questions.

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Application Process Tracker

Our easy to follow visual guide walks you through each stage of the process; from completing and submitting your international application through to receiving your acceptance letter, applying for Visas and arriving at the University on day one.

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Newcastle City Guide for International Students

There’s just so much to see and do, so, to help you make the most of your time at Newcastle, our Newcastle City guide will show you everything our city has to offer.

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Study Abroad Starter Guide


Inside the study abroad starter guide you’ll learn about everything you need to know during each stage of your studying abroad journey; both before, during, and after you arrive.

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International Student Safety Guide


If you’re a student worried about studying abroad or a concerned parent that’s getting ready to send your child to study in another country, you can be rest assured after downloading our international student safety guide.

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Developing your career at Newcastle

At Newcastle we have dedicated support teams to give career advice and modern facilities to help your learning, supporting you to develop your future career.

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International Parents Guide

We have created a full, comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Newcastle University so that you can support your child in making the exciting decision on where they should study in the UK.

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Guide to living in newcastle as a chinese student

Living in Newcastle as a Chinese International student

With so much to see and discover in Newcastle, we have decided to give a helping hand by putting together a useful guide that is full of amazing locations. 

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